Become a Reviewer

I am looking for reviewers for my kids website. Anyone willing to review books will need to have parental consent to do so. Once the application is received and approved, I will email the parent/guardian to confirm that they agree to allow you to become a reviewer for me. Because the reviews will be public on my website, this is necessary to avoid any parent from not knowing what is going on.

All reviews would be due back 4 weeks from the date the book is received. You would need to email me when you get the book so they can be tracked. It is important that you do not post your review anywhere else. Once the review is edited and approved for the website, I will email back a link that you can share.

If your parent/guardian has an Amazon, Barnes & Noble or GoodReads account, this is helpful. If not, they can set accounts up free of charge. This will allow them to post an approved portion of your review to help out the authors in their publicity efforts. When the review has been posted, I will email excerpts for posting on these sites.

All I request from you is your honest opinion of the book you review and be careful not to include anything in your review that would spoil it for another reader. This applies really to chapter books.

If you would like to apply to be a reviewer, fill out this form. Don’t forget to tell mom or dad to expect an email from me to confirm.


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