About Savannah Mae

Born and raised in Hickory, NC. Can’t get much more southern than that right? I am a single mom of a toddler boy, 2 going on 17, Lord help me! Right now I am 31 but I feel like a senior. I need a discount at Denny’s! I love watching girls walk around in stilettos because it makes me feel awesome about myself—in my flip flops. I love photography and I am working on making this a huge part of my life.

I read lots of books. I fancy a few websites who just love to post my reviews. I am super picky and don’t enjoy spam or being spammed! So I am careful on who I choose to let stamp my name. Rest assured that if I post a link or reference, the site is trusted. I have been reviewing books for a little over a year that are written by budding authors-some names you may know and most you may not. I hope to help spread the good news about what I read.

My hopes and dreams would be for authors to want my “stamp” on their books. Since I’m not famous or anything (yet), I just want to build a respectable following….and say what I wanna say!

You can like me on Facebook Say What? Savannah Mae and if you have a page, I will like you too!


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